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MSBI Training Videos (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS)

MSBI Training Videos - Real-time MSBI Training Videos accessible Online - Free LIVE Server Access. On demand video access available 24x7. MSBI Video course includes SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2014 BI Design, Workflow, ETL, Data Warehouse Design (DWH), Data Quality Services, Data Analysis, MDX, DAX, Data Mining, Reporting, Dashboards and Forecasts with end -end implementations and Deployment Operations. Download Video wise curriculum here: Download

1 Realtime Project included in MSBI Training Online Video course. All videos are Completely Real-time.

Pre-requisites: This is a Basic to Advanced Level of MSBI Online Videos. Participants need to have knowledge on SQL Server / T-SQL Concepts like Joins, Procedures, CTEs, Transactions and Triggers.
If you are new to SQL Server? Please join our SQL Server/T-SQL course.

MSBI Online Videos Course Curriculum: Click here

Trainer : Mr. Sai Phanindra T (8+ Yrs of MS SQL Server expertise) @ Profile

MSBI Training Videos Highlights
  • Completely Practical & Real-time
  • Highly Practical & Productive
  • Daily Tasks and Weekly Revisions
  • 24x LIVE Server and Online Lab
Free Add-Ins
  • Hands-On with 2.9 TB Databases!
  • One Real-time Case Study
  • One Real-time Project
  • Certification,Interview Guidance
Video Access
Videos are accessible - on demand.
Service available 24x7. Practical Videos.
Theory Material provided separately. Only Lab during video training.
Total Course Fee
INR 18000/-
Payable in SIX equal installments

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MSBI Training Videos
Datawarehouse Design, ETL, Incremental Loads, Cube Design, Analysis, MDX, DAX, Mining, Forecasting, more..

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SQL DBA (with T-SQL)
DB Design, Query Tuning, Troubleshooting, Repairs, Upgrades, Cluster Management, Maintenance, more..

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SSIS with ETL & DW
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