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SQL Server 2008 & R2 - DBA and MSBI Training Information


Real time Training on SQL Server 2005, 2008 & R2 DBA visiting all angles of production administration. An impeccable training course that is designed for Basic through Advanced DBA Concepts to address the most critical scenarios of database management. This course is designed as per Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) addressing all practical aspects of the database technology including Data Collection and Clustering concepts. Topic-wise practical approach to the subject with case studies is provided. Course includes a real time Project as well. Duration: 70 hours (Weekly SIX days and Everyday for 1.5 hours). All Sessions are Completely Practical. Total Course Fee: INR 18000 (payable in two installments).

SQL SERVER Administration [SQL DBA] Course Contents:

T-SQL [Basic SQL Server]
SQL Server Design Architecture
Lock Escalation Rules
Certificates and Signatures
Database Design Techniques
Blocking & Deadlocks
Cryptography and Keys
Table Design Principles
Partitioning Techniques
Service Broker Implementation
Compression Techniques
DB Snapshots and Usage
Query Troubleshooting
Data Integrity & Consistency
Backup Strategies & Tuning
SQL Server Profiler
Views and Data Security
Restore and Recovery
DB Engine Tuning Advisor
JOINS and Sub Queries
Replication Techniques
Data Movement Procedures
Indexes and Performance
Peer - Peer Replication
SMO and BCP Tools
Procedures and Limitations
Replication Maintenance
Maintenance Plans & SSIS
Functions and Limitations
Log Shipping and Issues
SQL CMD Utility
Synonyms and Limitations
Database Mirroring and Issues
Database Mail and Alerts
DDL and DML Triggers
Security Management and Issues
Clustering Procedures
Cursors Usage and Issues
Performance Tuning Techniques
Server and DB Upgrades
Transactions Concepts
Troubleshooting Issues
Server Migrations & Testing
Transaction Locks and memory
Resource Governor usage
Policy Based Management
Transaction Isolation Levels
Error Handling Measures
MSDTC and Server Linking
Query Locking Hints
Import - Export Techniques
Client Level Statistics
TEMPDB Usage and Issues
DB Cloning and Issues
Optimizing SSIS Packages


Microsoft's Business Intelligence is one of the best process to implement any business requirement because of the flexibility and ease of use. SQL Developers, .NET Developers and SQL Server Administrators can make use of this wonderful process to meet their technical needs. We deal with in-depth functionality on Integration Services (SSIS), Analysis Services (SSAS) and Reporting Services (SSRS). Course includes a real time Project as well. Duration : 70 hours ( Weekly SIX days and Everyday for 1.5 hours). All Sessions are Completely Practical. Total Course Fee: INR 18000 (payable in two installments).

Microsoft Business Intelligence(MS BI) Course Contents:

Introduction to SSIS
Data Warehousing Concepts
Introduction to SSRS
SSIS Control Flow
Introduction to SSAS
Need for SSRS
Data Flow Techniques
SSAS Architecture & Components
SSRS 2005, 2008 & R2
SSIS Configurations
SSAS Cube Design
SSRS 2005, 2008 Architecture
SSIS Expression Language
Advanced Cube Analysis
RS Components & Configuration
SSIS Variables and Uses
Advanced SSAS Design
Reporting Life Cycle
Transactions & Isolation Levels
Cube Partitions Management
Report Designer 2005 and 2008
Advanced SSIS Controls
SSAS Aggregation Design
SSRS 2008 R2 Reports
SSIS Package Deployment
Type I, Type II SCD
Dynamic Reports Design
SSIS Logging
MDX Queries and Functions
Dynamic Report design
SSIS Utilities & Applications
SSAS KPIs and Functions
SSRS Dashboard Design
Scheduling SSIS Packages
KPIs and Actions
Aggregations usage
SSIS Deployment Security
Usage Based Optimizations
Chart Based Reports
Custom Scripting
XMLA - Security Management
Report Models 2005, 2008 R2
Migrating DTS Packages
Proactive Caching & Tuning
RS 2014 Management
Package Backups & Upgrades
SSAS Storage Models
Security Management & Roles
SSIS Performance Tips
Data Warehouse Migration
Report Builder usage
Scripting Data Flows
Mining Extensions
Cube Based Reports

Requirements for joining MSBI Online Training

You need to to be aware of Basic T-SQL concepts ( with practical knowledge ) that includes the following:

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